Karpathos is the mythological birthplace of Titan Iapetus and the island of his birth and upbringing of Proteus Athena. Karpathos lived a part of his life and Prometheus.
By The Homer "Krapathos" originally stated that it was under Minoan influence and later was a member of the Athenian alliance until 400 BC, conquered by the Rhodians. In ancient times, there were 4 fortified cities: Arkesia, Vrykous, Karpathos and Nisyros island in Sharia formerly united to the island. In the strait about 100 meters separating the two islands today, from the side of Karpathos, there are ruins of an ancient temple of Poseidon Strait, while the bay Tristomo was the large natural harbor of ancient Vrykountos.
Later, he passed successively to the Romans and the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Genoese (Andrew and Louis Moresco) Venetian (Cornaro family) and the Ottoman Turks. In the Middle Ages, the island was called Skarpanto (Scarpanto).
In 1913, ceded to the Italians. Freedom came earlier than the rest of the Dodecanese, when on October 5, 1944, led the inhabitants of PONV, started the revolution and the Italians were expelled from the island. A similar movement occurred in the Aperi the same day with leaders of the youth of the village. On October 11 of that year, the Aperi took delivery of the Italians and the proclamation union with Greece, the Greek flag was raised and solemnized solemn thanksgiving. On 8 October a boat mission Carpathians, the Immakolata traveled to Egypt to announce the message of freedom Karpathos.
Karpathos is the second largest island in the Dodecanese (after Rhodes). Has an area of 301.2 sq. km., 160 km of coastline and a total population of 6,511 inhabitants.
It is a rich habitat and for this reason has sheltered areas where surviving populations to extinction. Located in the middle of the Karpathian Sea between Rhodes and Crete and its capital Pigadia or Karpathos (2,180 inhabitants).


For the name of the island, there are many versions. The legend says that the island's first inhabitants because too loved the place, stole the Olympian gods and brought them here. For this operation, called Arpatheoi. Later turned into Karpatheoi and end so Carpathian and Karpathos. Homer calls Krapatho, according to a report in Strabo's Geography. Other ancient name of the island is Tetrapolis, Anemoessa and wind, while in the Middle Ages was called Scarpanto (the name for the island survives even in Italian). Karpathos has given its name to the sea which is washed, the Carpathian Sea.
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